Santa's Midnight Ride (Limited Edition)


Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens, Release year 2008, Base included, Limited edition certified

Dimensions: 36 x 65 cm

A splendid piece with a high level of complexity and large size at once fantastic and realistic: the reindeer are sculpted as real animals, and seem to be running and jumping on the clouds. The Santa, with its hat flowing on the wind, controls the reins with strength from its seat. Remarkable is the amount of tiny fragments such as reindeer antlers or legs, skates of the sleigh, little toys on the trunk, and even the furry pompon for Santa's hat. Worth watching is the painting of the sides of the sleigh, where mistletoe motifs are depicted in a dark brown and green colours with dots of reds.

SKU: 01001938

Material: Porcelain