Lord Shiva (Limited Edition)


Sculptor: Virginia González, Release year 2016, Base included, Limited edition certifed, Lladró Assurance included

Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of meditation and the arts, in a sculpture made in High Porcelain, Lladró’s maximum artistic category. A piece that boasts many complex decorative techniques, like golden luster, and a large amount of handmade flowers made petal by petal. Shiva’s attributes are finely defined with a host of details enhancing his majestic character: the trident, the drum, the snake, the bands of Rudraksha and the bun in his hair. The base provides room for the optional piece Lingam (01009249), a symbol used to worship Shiva and to overcome any situation that impedes personal growth.

Dimensions: 62 x 41 cm

SKU: 01001981

Material: Porcelain