MUD Australia's colour palette is made up of 19 gorgeous colours ranging from soft neutrals through to the boldest colours of the rainbow spectrum.  There are also an amazing 70 shapes available in the collection. However, not all pieces are available in all of the 19 colours. Please keep this in mind, especially when curating Dinner, Baking, and Tea & Coffee sets. 

Pieces with limited colours include:

Dinner Plate available in colours: Ash, Blue, Citrus, Duck Egg, Dust, Milk, Mist, Pistachio and Sand.

Bread Plate, Flared Dinner Plate, Flared Plate Small, Salad Plate available in 10 colours: Ash, Blue, Citrus, Duck Egg, Dust, Milk, Mist, Pistachio, Sand and Blossom.

Teapot 4 Cup available in Milk and Slate only.

Teapot 2 Cup available in 6 colours: Ash, Bottle, Dust, Milk, Pink, and Slate.

Teapot Round 2 Cup available in 5 colours: Ash, Dust, Milk, Mist and Red.

Flan Dish, Pie Dish, Baker Small, Baker Medium available in colours: Ash, Milk, Slate, Steel and Blossom.

Please Note: Orange, Plum, Red, Ink, Slate, Wasabi and Yellow are MUD's premium colours. They are slightly more expensive due to the cost and quantity of pigment needed to make their wonderful vibrant colours.

Please NOTE - these items are for description only - they are not for sale.