The Porcelain Lounge's Valuation Services

The Porcelain Lounge's Valuation Services

We provide a valuation service for Lladro pieces:

  • Current replacement value of the Lladro pieces.
  • Secondary market value of the current Lladro pieces.

Services provided at:

  1. time of renewal of policies or purchase of the item for submission as part of an insurance policy to ensure the values are adequately noted on the policy
  2. time an insurance claim is made.


  • Valuation service is for $60.00 for up to 3 items.
  • Please note for a one-off valuation of a piece for claim purposes this charge will reduced to $35.00
  • For large valuations (over 10 pieces) we are happy to negotiate an appropriate discount for our services.

Sourcing Replacement items

Current Collection Lladro:

As we are the Authorised Dealer for Lladro we can source current pieces from Lladro, allow 3 weeks to receive the piece.

Retired Collection:

We have access to the international sellers of mint retired items so can source these replacement pieces, allow 6 to 10 weeks to receive the piece.

Spare Parts:
We can also source spare part items from Lladro for pieces where a single item has become detached or damaged (such as a flower), but the piece is otherwise is perfect condition.  Such repairs do not affect the value of the item as they can be made without further harm to the piece.

Lladro as an Art Piece:
Please note that due to the high level of craftsmanship and artistic skill, Lladro figurines are classified as art pieces and only retain any investment value if they are in perfect condition.  Therefore, we recommend retaining the Lladro box to ensure safe transport of the item in the future.  However, if you no longer have the box there are suitable providers who can supply replacement packaging.

Contact us for details.