Perfume Diffuser - Night Approaches


Release year 2018

Dimensions: 24 x 6 cm

The Heavenly Dreams collection combines exclusive fragrances reminiscent of the Mediterranean with a unique presence based on fine quality, natural elements with highly decorative organic shapes.

The crown of matte white porcelain decorating the bottle and harmoniously gathering the diffuser reeds is engraved with angel figures, in the same design which is printed on the bottle and which appears in all the pieces in the Heavenly Dreams collection. The interior of the crown is glazed to protect it from spills and splashes.

Night Approaches is an exclusive fragrance with very special ingredients such as blackcurrant, lotus flower, and frankincense. It represents the magic of the night and the full moon.

Contains 200 ml (7.05 oz) of essence and six reeds, each 24 cm long. Its total duration is over 2 months, and its formula includes up to 29% perfume.
Made in Spain.

SKU: 01040166